Goat Milk Quality

Regional IGA Conference 2013 in Tromsø, Norway



We want to thank attendants, speakers, poster exhibitors, staff and every contributor for making Goat Milk Quality a successful event, based on positive responses from participants. Still, we are open for more feedback (also negative) as this is important learning for making future conferences as good as possible.

Below you will find pdf-files of the conference presentations and you will also find some photos from the conference. And here you will find the Book of abstracts.



Presentations 4 June:

Capote - Goat milk production around the world

Kvamsås - Norwegian goat farming

Kismul & Volden - Goat milk quality from an industry perspective in Norway

Chilliard et al - Effects of feeding and physiological factors on goat milk fatty acid secretion and milk fat lipolysis

Martin et al - Alpha s1-casein deficiency due to defective genotypes induces a chronic ER stress and deep changes in milk composition, signing a singular secretion mode in goats

Silanikove et al - On effects of stage of lactation and subclinical mastitis on milk quality in goats

Blichfeldt - Breeding for goat milk quality in Norway

Lindheim & Sølverød - Healthier goats : A project for eradicating contagious diseases in norwegian goats

Presentations 5 June

Skeie - Milk quality aspects important for cheese

Skeie et al - The influence of the αS1-casein genotype of goats on the quality of cheese milk and cheese quality

Tudisco et al - Pasture fatty acids profile and Stearoyl-CoA desaturase expression in milk somatic cells of goats

Dagnachew & Ådnøy - Additive and dominance effects of casein haplotypes in Norwegian dairy goats

Steinshamn et al - Effect of pasture type compared with hay diet on dairy goat milk casein composition

Jørgensen et al - Grazing preferences and diet composition of goats in diverse rangeland or cultivated pastures

Mestawet et al - Mutations at the αs1-CN Gene in Ethiopian and Crossbred Goats:  Effect on Casein Content, and Coagulation Properties of Their Milks

Eknæs et al - Feeding different lipid supplements through lactation in dairy goats: 1) effects on energy balance and milk Production

Bernard et al - Feeding different lipid supplements during lactation cycle in dairy goats: 2) effect on mammary gene Expression

Inglingstad et al - Feeding different lipid supplements during lactation cycle in dairy goats: 4) Effects on fatty acid profile, free fatty acids and sensorial properties in milk

Nagel-Alne et al - Modeling milk yield in sanitized Norwegian dairy goats using multilevel (mixed-effects linear) spline regression

Johansson - Relation between αS1-casein expression and coagulation properties of milk from Swedish dairy goats

Ådnøy & Dagnachew - Breeding and environment info in FTIR milk spectra

Rapetti et al - Effects of the main variation factors on milk urea level in dairy goats in Northern Italy

Czopowicz et al - Factors influencing technological properties of goat milk

Högberg - Can milk composition and individual cheese yield be influenced by suckling?

Sølverød - Udder health in Norwegian dairy goat herds

Ajuda et al - Conformation of the udder, is that a problem in our dairy farms?











Welcome to the Goat Milk Quality conference

Tromsoe, Norway June 4th -6th 2013!

In Norway we have relatively few, but well organized goat farmers. Nearly the whole population of goats in the country are dairy goats. The dominating product from goat milk is the Norwegian brown cheese. Over the last years there have been a growing interest also for white cheese products, and this has led to a stronger focus on milk quality. Norwegian scientists in collaboration with international scientists have been working on this exciting topic, and this has given us inspiration to invite to an international conference. The International Goat Association has been a vital help to make the idea possible, and we are happy to announce the conference as a Regional IGA Conference.

The conference will take place in Tromsoe which is in the northern part of Norway, known as the Land of the Midnight Sun. We hope that the attendants will experience both the midnight sun, a taste of arctic goat husbandry and professional updating and fellowship.

Welcome to exciting days in Tromsoe, Norway!